It's been about a year since GM confirmed the mid-engine C8 Corvette, and while the buzz is reaching a fever pitch, there is still next to zero information about it. Sure, there's a few thousand videos on YouTube where people have CGI'd C8 renderings of what they think the car will act and sound like, but to that extent, that's about it. No tech specs to speak of.

Is it going to have a V8? Probably, but nobody knows except those tight-lipped engineers at GM. Is it really going to look like a really fast El Camino with that fat-ass on it? Don't know. An the best rumor online is the pricetag... Is it really going to start in the $60k price range? It's laughable at this point. Even the biggest GM dealers in the nation have zero information about it. You can bet that hasn't stopped them from tossing out ballpark numbers though. I've heard, in person from a local Chevy sales rep, that they're expecting it to be well over six figures... but again, they don't know anymore than you, because GM hasn't released a damn thing.

We're just about six weeks from the unveiling of the mid-engine C8 Corvette, and GM has done a fantastic job keeping it under wraps. The only actual video they want you to see is the testing they've done at Nurburgring. While they've provided zero data from the runs they've completed, it looks impressive. Like, once again, after 75 years, America is going to assert our dominance over Europe and save the affordable supercar class... but anybody who watched Top Gear, and subsequently The Grand Tour, knows... Cars that do well at Nurburgring are usually the worst cars to drive off-track.

So, will the C8 Corvette even be worth owning? Eh. If you're a Corvette person, a C8 will have personal value to you, does it really matter if people like em? I mean, come on, how many C3 Vettes do you still see on the road? And those were a travesty of motoring history. Track-this and zero-to-sixty that... Does it look cool? Does it sound cool? Does it actually drive curvy lines? Those are the questions you should ask before considering.

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