Were you around in 2011? Not in the sense of were you living in 2011, but were you in Oklahoma in 2011? That was the year we had a record snow storm that froze the entire state. Record snow in all 77 counties, more snow that we had seen in the previous ten years combined in just one storm. With the early October crazy ice storm that halted half the state, and temperatures right back on average for December, a big snow storm might not be out of the question.

If you're thinking back to last year and remembering mowing grass in December, it was a weird year. I've experienced a handful of those warm winter months here in SWOK. Mowing the day before traveling for Christmas family get togethers, shorts and tees for everyone there, the warmth can really latch on in this state. I also remember two years ago, February temps in the 90's the same year the last freeze hit in late April. We have crazy weather from time to time, but 20's and 30's overnight, 50's and 60's during the day is about average with how most Fall's come to an end in SWOK. Granted, I haven't checked the historical weather records, but I can't forget how many freezing cold mornings I've had sitting in a field waiting on the sun to provide a little hunting light. Most years I hunted were that way. Still, nothing compares to the 2011 blizzard that shut this entire state down for a few days. It was two feet deep where I was living at the time, sixteen inches here in Lawton. Think that can happen again with such a good start to the cold season here?

I'm no meteorologist, but as it's all about predicting the weather, I'm pretty confident I have the same odds of getting it right as the weather-persons do. I think we're in for two snow storms this Winter. Odds are we might strike the first right around Christmas like normal, the other in late January/early February, again, like normal. Will the be record setting? Doubtful. That 2011 blizzard set too high a bar... but that doesn't mean we'll get the dusting to an inch or two we normally get. Six to twelve inches. Enough to shut Lawton down for a day and a half. Again, I'm not a weatherman, I've just lived enough in Oklahoma to feel it coming.

Then again, it might be 80 degrees on Christmas like it was last year. Nobody knows what is going on with the weather.

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