William Shatner isn't impressed with the website Reddit, despite the fact that he has an account there. Recently, the 'Star Trek' actor has chided users who are racist, hateful, or who simply act like bullies. So, uh, no AMA anytime soon, Shat?

On his own personal Reddit page, he wrote that he was "appalled" by some of the nasty comments the moderators ignore and thinks the site's voting system for comments does little to nothing in terms of halting the negativity. In Shatner's opinion, the fact that a "mainstream" site like Reddit does nothing to curtail the racist and hateful groups is shameful.

Although Reddit has a few official rules which include no posting of personal information and no spam, it's generally acknowledged that there's 'Reddiquette' when one posts on the website. However, it's up to the moderators to enforce that good behavior and Shatner obviously thinks that they're not doing a good enough job.

While Shatner may rant and rave, it's unlikely that his views will do much to change the Reddit community at large, especially after one subreddit made a satirical banner for their community using a picture of him. However, the subreddit, which is dedicated to providing sarcastic commentary on Reddit's culture at large, did remove the banner after Shatner found out and asked for it to be removed so clearly not all Reddit users are hateful bullies

In the end, while Shatner may deplore the hateful remarks on Reddit as being "counterproductive to where the world is heading," unless the mods implement stronger rules and ban the hate groups, the tone of the website simply won't change. Also, the 'Star Trek' versus 'Star Wars' debates will never end.

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