There are countless small towns across Oklahoma that have seen better days. The once-thriving downtown areas have given way to modern trends. Merchants have to compete with bigger stores, new generations are moving away from family businesses, and old buildings are falling apart when nobody is left to care for the upkeep.

The Main Street that runs through these small towns is becoming less charming and more of an eye sore until this new trend started popping up.

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In the last few years, in a very few handful of small Oklahoma towns, I've noticed that people are putting up window wraps that have photo-realistic prints on them that harken back to the glory days of small-town life in Oklahoma.

So instead of driving through town looking at a mess like this...


These films can show onlookers a glimpse back into a building's prime like this...


It's insanely cool and looks great backlit at night. Let's hope this catches on. Honestly, I'd bet you can think of at least one downtown area that could use a little shot of confidence and pride again.

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Sundown Towns of Oklahoma

Even long after the Civil War ended slavery, the deep-seated resentment and hatred of black Americans lived on. While we have thought of and been taught the concept of segregation was primarily a Southern US thing, the stakes were even higher across Texas and Oklahoma.

"Sundown Towns" were whites-only settlements where the local politics and laws served as a warning to (mainly) African Americans traveling through the area. While history has been whitewashed to make it seem less intense, lynching was a common practice toward those not welcome who remained in an Oklahoma Sundown Town after sunset. Only the settlements that still exist are listed below.

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