Instead of weather changes in Winter, Hawaii sees ocean changes. That mean huge waves, legendary rides, and punishing fails!

If you've never gone for a dip in the ocean, (the Gulf doesn't count) you know the raw punishing power a little salt water can have on the body. This is instantly familiar if you've ever stepped foot into the Pacific.

The waters and currents that flow around our largest body of water are a force to be reckoned with. This is what draws hoards of people around the 'Ring of Fire' in search of sun and fun.

Despite what you might have seen in Point Break, Australia isn't the 'home of big wave surfing'... You'll find that sort of action in the good 'ol USofA. A title and honor such as that is found in the place where surfing was born.

While there are several world famous breaks on the shores of Hawaii - Waimea, North Shore, Pipeline, etc... the iconic massive swells that reach 50-80 feet this time each year can only be found at Jaws, on the shores of Maui.

As you can see, these are some dangerous waters... but that doesn't keep people out of the pool. Along with surfers, you can see wind-surfers, paddle boarders, foils, and one incredibly stupid boogie-boarder taking on these behemoths...

Unfortunately, as Mother Nature is never predictable, the occasional rogue wave can break off and swallow everyone in the green zone... Lets hope they'll live to surf another day.