We sat down together to celebrate a Z94 birthday this morning, and the topic of conversation was all about the winter weather chances in Southwest Oklahoma next week.

The overall consensus was "Isn't it too early for snow?" and the answer is complicated.

Is it too early? No. Not at all. It was only two years ago we had a historic freak ice storm in October... Winter weather in Southwest Oklahoma is just as unpredictable as spring weather, but the odds Monday, November 14th will turn into a winter wonderland is ultra-slim.

Depending on which forecast you look at there's a chance for snow, but even then, it has been too warm for any measurable accumulation. Besides, the one metric every weather outlet agrees on is the above-freezing temperature for the day.

While the local weather outlets are seeing a chance to sensationalize this forecast all in the name of ratings and advertising revenues, our freezing temperatures are right on time to be a regular, ordinary, normal year.

So what gives with all the "winter's coming" shenanigans? We're getting our first real polar plunge cold front this weekend. Every time a cold front comes through, just like what happens in spring, showers pop up on that leading edge of warm/moist and cold/dry air. While random snow flurries aren't out of the question, it will just rain on a cold day.

"Should I get milk and bread?"

There's no need to panic over the forecast no matter how hard the meteorologists try to sell it. Your normal groceries will do, though if you were waiting for the right weather conditions to try some of Oklahoma's best cold-weather foods, now is the time to plan for that. I'd recommend Frito chili pie.

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The Frozen Wichita Mountains

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