It's "Watercooler Wednesday" and this week Kelso and I discuss a topic of great importance, unlike our usual conversations that center around the ridiculous and boobs. This is serious stuff we're talking about in this week's video. Tips, tips that could very well save your life or just keep you warm during the winter months. Tips for winter weather, some tips...

Mother nature has been a moody b**** lately. The weather has been crazy. From 70 degrees to 20, from dry to wet, hot to cold and everything in between. I'll be glad when we finally pick a temperature and stick with it a while. Recently we saw some snow and ice and it looks like more is on the way. Be careful out there and give yourself plenty of time to get to and fro. Allow lots of space between you and your fellow motor enthusiasts. Watch bridges and over passes those freeze up quick. Just drive like you're not an a**hole!

Also, for all our friends from other states which see tons of snow and ice and always feel the need to express their superiority in driving prowess in these conditions. We get it! You're use to it. We aren't! All week long I've had to endure people like this. "Well where I'm from this isn't even close to cold, it's just snow and ice you Okies are a bunch of winter wussies."  Okay, maybe some of that is true. I tell you what, check back in with me around June or July when it's a 120 degrees outside at night and we'll talk about who has a bigger weather peen. We might complain about the cold but you complain about the heat, so we're even!

Be safe and drive carefully!

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