It's been a damp week in Oklahoma! But we won't complain about that because Oklahomans never complain about moisture. And it's looking like more wet stuff will fall from the sky to end out our soggy and chilly week.

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So far February 2023 in Oklahoma has been an interesting dose of winter weather. We started out the month with snow. Then we got ice. This week we had two days of rain that ended in snow! Not all of Southwest Oklahoma saw snow last night, but those near the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge and north of there had yards full of snow when they came home from work!

And now it's looking like some areas will see a wintry mix to end the week.

We have a high chance of rain coming in after the sun sets this evening. And after midnight, some portions of Southwest Oklahoma will see a rain/snow mix once temperatures drop.

The National Weather Service in Norman said road conditions could change rapidly overnight. So if you have an early start to your morning Friday, you may want to check the road conditions before venturing out!

This weekend will be sunny and breezy in Southwest Oklahoma.

Luckily, this wintry mix will taper out through Friday as we're expected to have a sunny and breezy weekend! According to AccuWeather, the high for Lawton, Oklahoma, on Saturday is 53 degrees with plenty of sun. Sunday has a high of 60 degrees with a breezy afternoon. And it looks like this warming trend will continue through next week as well!

Basic Driving Tips For Snow & Ice

While you would assume that these are common knowledge, you'd be surprised how many people haven't lived in a place where they would learn these skills.

The Frozen Wichita Mountains

When Southwest Oklahoma gets a rare blizzard with serious snowfall, the mountains take on a fresh and stunning look. It's something we all get to experience thanks to the video and camera work of a few awesome locals with a stellar YouTube channel, The Pemberton Boys. They flew their drones and explored the mountains across SWOK while the views were grand, putting it online for everyone to enjoy.

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