It doesn't look like the Rangers will be playing, but it looks like World Series baseball will be played in Arlington.

I need to say this before I start this story. This is a report from an unnamed source that is apparently close with Major League Baseball. It comes from Bloomberg and it looks good enough to get the attention of Governor Abbott who tweeted about it, which you can see below.

According to the report, MLB is working on a bubble situation for the playoffs. Similar to how the NHL and NBA are currently handling things. After a first playoff round held in participating teams’ ballparks around the country, the league is expecting to send four National League squads to Houston and Arlington, Texas, with American League contenders heading to Los Angeles and San Diego.

The World Series would take place in Arlington. Texas was chosen to host the World Series and other rounds in part because of its central time zone. Something that could help potentially maximize ratings.MLB’s proposed setup ensures no team will play a divisional or championship series in their home ballpark. The league is hoping to have the playoffs begin Sept. 29, with game seven of the championship should the series go that long occurring on Oct. 28.

Guess we wait and see if this proposed plan is actually real in a few short weeks. I think limiting the travel for teams during this time is a smart plan. Hopefully my Orioles can do some damage in the playoffs. Hey, I can dream right?

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