While your tastes may have evolved, I think just about everyone can relate to the taste of cheap beer. Depending on your generation, odds are when you hear 'cheap beer,' you can envision Keystone, Natty Light, Icehouse, Steel Reserve, Colt 45 or any number of affordable alternatives. I think I once found a can on Mount Scott that simply just said 'Beer.' There's a million of them.

Meet Randy. He's a huge fan of cheap beer. Well, not all cheap beer, but his local Costco's Kirkland Light brand. Because who wouldn't want to buy beer in the same place as your pants? That's just saving you time, gas, and money. I can't believe Costco isn't seizing this opportunity. This guy and his hilariously accurate slogans would go viral. Then some Pabst drinking hipster would inevitably buy into it, because that's what they do. Kirkland's could have the potential in this powerful line of ads to even outsell that European company that owns Bud, or America, or whatever it's called nowadays... Pure brilliance.

And before you fire off that angry email, because I'm sure some hipster is turning over in his obscenely tight jeggings, still worked up from hearing, for the first time, that Pabst is really bad, gnarly, cheap beer. Please pause your angry Yelp review and don't get me wrong... I'm not a beer snob. You can keep your IPA's and stouts. If it's not American, it doesn't belong in my fridge. If it's in a green bottle, friendship over. I'm a domestic guy. I'll even grab a sixer of Schlitz if I feel like spending a little extra once in a while.

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