You know, for all of the streaming options we have in the home these days, there sure aren't many good movies out there for us.

Case and point, I hit a new high score on movies I started, but ditched within minutes.

Here are a few titles to skip next time you're super bored.


  • 1


    It's a simple tale of a B-17 crew in WWII that lost their captain. The story swipes in two directions between the hells of war, and the replacement captain that tries to find his place among the crew. It's terrible in that B-movie way, just unintentionally, so it's pretty lame. I made it about twelve minutes in before I just couldn't watch another second of it.

    Good luck to you.

  • 2

    Battle For Sevastopol

    The trailer is legit. The story is legit. The filmography is legit. That being said, it's a foreign film in which you have to read.

    Zero out of ten possible bald eagle ratings.

  • 3


    Technically, this movie is still on my watch list. I started it, instantly lost interest, but I'm most likely still going to watch it.

    Why? It stars Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture. Notoriously bad actors, but I'll do my part to give it a shot.

  • 4

    Battle of the Buldge: Wunderland

    IMDB rates this movie at 3.3... Given how many 7-star rated crappy movies I've seen, I still gave this flick a chance out of shear boredom. It was absolutely terrible from minute one all the way to minute six when I dipped.

    Your mileage may vary.

  • 5


    Before you flame me, let me just say... Just because a story is true, it doesn't mean it'll make a good story.

    Case and point, Dunkirk was a terrible execution of story-telling.

    The story is told Tarrantino style... Where you're following five different stories that intertwine, but none of it follows the timeline. It's all mixed up.

    Also, all of the action in this film is wrapped up in the trailer. What's left is drama and more drama. Awkward silences and nervous moments of survival.

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