It seems that 'A Christmas Story' has taken on a massive cultural following. Far beyond what 'Rocky Horror' or 'Grease' ever managed, it is the essential christmas movie in America. Though, you might argue 'Christmas Vacation' or 'Elf' is better, but you'd be wrong. It's so popular, several TV stations air it for twenty-four hours straight. I'll admit, I recorded it over Thanksgiving, watched it three times, and I haven't hit that "I can't stand to see it again" point, yet...

If you have a big 'A Christmas Story' family like I do, here's some cool news. Now you can stay in the iconic ACS house overnight, but only overnight. They still have tours during the day, so a long stay probably isn't in the cards. Of course, more somewhat disappointing news... You have to visit Cleveland, Ohio to do so. I know it all takes place in Indiana, but, you know, Hollywood. Also, it costs almost $400 per night. Steep? A little, but lets hope some of that $400 goes towards fighting the bed-bug invasion happening in the Midwest.

If you want the ACS experience without the high-roller prices, you can always stay next door at the Bumpus House. It's close, but not really the same. 785 smelly dogs not included. Here's all the details.

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