Ever since Metallica announced their new album 72 Seasons, a global tour with some big time special guests and shared the first new single, "Lux Aeterna," with the world yesterday (Nov. 28), it's all anyone can talk about. Most love it, some have critiques and YouTuber Bradley Hall is apparently not a fan of Kirk Hammett's solo at all and decided to replace it with his own shred solo.

Hall is a U.K. content creator with a devilishly fun sense of humor and some serious shred skills. On social media, he's perhaps best known for his skits about what bands sound like to people who don't like them (this Cradle of Filth one is really cheeky) and changing the lyrics to popular metal songs to make them "REALLY British" (check out this take on Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit").

But today, much like yesterday, is all about Metallica!

First, however, we've got to inject a bit of bias here — not only is "Lux Aeterna" a raging old school 'Tallica thrasher, Kirk's solo is pretty ferocious with some super fun slides. In short, it's a face-melter.

Hall says otherwise, so much so that he titled his video "Metallica 'Lux Aeterna' But The Solo Doesn't Suck." Harsh, dude! It's his opinion and his YouTube channel, so he can do and say whatever he wants and at least he backed up the smack talk with a scorching solo, still utilizing some whammy bar dives and all those ultra metal techniques.

Watch the video with the Hall's custom solo below.

And if it's not the solo, it's the kick drum sound that fans are complaining about.

Anyway, this single is only the first of 12 new songs that will make up Metallica's 72 Seasons album, which will be released on April 14 next year.

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