We’ve got an awesome premiere from Zeal & Ardor to share with you all! The experimental metal act headed over to Off the Road Studios in Leipzig, Germany to rock a pro-shot live performance of “Blood in the River.”

“Blood in the River” is one of the standout tracks from Zeal & Ardor’s highly praised debut album, Devil Is Fine, and Zeal’s bluesy approach tied with the concept of Satanic slave spirituals meeting extreme metal is one of the most unique ideas in 21st century music. “Blood in the River” is a perfect place to begin an obsession with Zeal & Ardor as the group repeats the blasphemous chant, “The riverbed / Will run red / With the blood of the saints / And the blood of the holy.

Originally a solo project, Z&A mastermind Manuel Gagneux recently put together a six-person band to bring his dark messages on the road. "'Blood in the River' is partially about the Stono Rebellion and partially about self-liberation from religion. I quite like this song,” Gagneux describes.

Zeal’s session performance of “Blood in the River” sounds way heavier than the album version, so this is a clip you may find yourself frequenting when you’ve got the urge to hear the Devil is Fine cut. Check it out in the player above!

Zeal & Ardor will be invading Europe and the U.S. on tour throughout 2017, so head over to the band’s Facebook page for the full list of dates! To grab a copy of Devil Is Fine, click here.

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