Yet another epic episode of GTA V (Grand Theft Auto 5) random dumbassery with TEAM-Z-GAMING! It never gets old, at least to us anyway, all the incredibly stupid and insane things you can do in this game! We had so much fun with the first two videos it only made since to do a third one.

This time around you'll see the Z-Crew in full moronic fashion, like everything else we do. Kelso tries, tries again and tries once more to jump his bike across the freeway. Wonder how that worked out? You'll also see high speed bailouts, wipe outs, jumps, crashes and a very unusual semi-truck jump that had us all laughing!

Starting next week on Thursday, May 22nd (05-22-14) Z94 and TEAM-Z-GAMING! will be hosting an open lobby on Xbox Live and you're all invited to join the party! The best part is we'll be streaming all the insanity and ridiculous action live right here on the site, starring you!We'll kick it off at 8:30pm next Thursday so get ready!

Want to be a part of the fun? Send me a friend request on Xbox Live: CritterRKBA or send me an email: Also, check out Z94's official YouTube page along with TEAM-Z-GAMING! to stay up to date with what we're up to, live streams, more videos and outtakes!

Now for this week's video, another collection of clips showing the T.Z.G crew doing what we do best. Screwing around and wreaking havoc throughout the city of Los Santos. Smash the play button and join us!