With Thanksgiving on the way and we prepare for our annual feast, it's only appropriate that we take a moment to recognize the majestic turkey and all it's sacrifices. I love this time of year and Thanksgiving is the perfect kick off to the holiday season! My mouth is already watering with carnivorous delight just thinking about the upcoming turkey day dinner. Over the years I've baked, roasted, smoked, BBQ & fried em' all with various results. Always delicious but some more so than others.

Turkey it's the other, other white meat with a built in dark meat option. In my honest, humble,  non-bias opinion dark meat and giblets are for gravy and left over sandwiches, soup, salad and other various turkey meals after the white meat is gone. Of course it's just my opinion, it's 100% right but just an opinion.

I don't get to eat turkey that often so when Thanksgiving comes around I get my fill and yours too. I'll take it any way it's offered but prefer fried. It just doesn't get any better than Cajun deep fried turkey. If you want to experience an orgasmic taste bud explosion and leave no room for deserts, fried turkey is the way to go. For years I've fried the bird and if I do say so myself with great success. It's been an annual tradition at my house and even here at the office for years, even before frying became known to the masses. I know Thanksgiving is here when I fire up the frier and that familiar smell of knuckle hair burning off my hands permeates the air, strange but true.

I apologize, I seem to have gotten side tracked by my appetite. While the turkey is a wonderfully magnificent creature, noble and proud the sacrifice these birds make to ensure our Thanksgiving meal is complete is profound to say the least. Millions of turkeys will give their lives this year for the cause and I thank them for that. I'm not the only person who thinks highly of this bird. Benjamin Franklin once stated that the turkey not the eagle should be the National bird. Of course this all changed when everyone realized how great they taste and the fact that eagles are rather chewy!

While I agree with Mr. Franklin that the turkey is without a doubt beautiful, respectable, hearty and earnest there is a darker more sinister side of these birds that's rarely seen. Luckily for us we have video evidence of such behavior. Maybe it's pay back for all those Thanksgiving meals or are they trying to dismantle mankind and place themselves at the top of the food chain? Judge for yourself and witness the shocking brutality of when turkeys attack!


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    Psycho Turkey & the Cyclist:

  • 2

    King Of The Road:

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    Turkey Vs. The Law:

  • 4

    Going Postal:

  • 5

    Jurassic Turkey:

  • 6

    Born To Be Wild:

  • 7

    Presidential Pardon:

  • 8

    News Reporter Gets The Exclusive:

  • 9

    There Goes The Neighborhood:

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    Peeping Toms: