It's inevitable. As the holiday season wears on, odds are you'll have to give a gift to someone you'd rather leave off your list.

Whether it's a round of Secret Santa at work, or that one family member you just can't even, here are some surprisingly epic and effective things you can passive-aggressively offer during this season of thanks.

Gifts For The Ones You Don't Love

There's no cap to the amount of thoughtfulness that will go into the presents you give your loved ones... but what about the people you don't like, but you're obligated to gift them something too? Here's a quick rundown of some truly awful presents.

16 Oklahoma Phrases That Would Stump Out-of-Towners

Every state seems to have its own way of talking. Here are a few of the more common phrases that'll have you wondering what Okies are saying.

11 Illegal Things to Throw Away in Oklahoma

We live in a period of time where it's far easier to do almost everything than ever before. This includes disposing of things in the house, it's amazing how much things have changed.

While burning trash in a backyard pit and reusing old motor oil to heat the shop was common, even in my lifetime, here are the few things that are illegal to throw away in Oklahoma.

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