Putting grown hunters to shame, a 10-year-old Texas girl bagged a 13-foot alligator on a hunting trip this past weekend in the Guadalupe River near Victoria.

Ella Hawk was hunting with her parents and hunting guide Ryan Longer when they came upon the alligator. An experienced hunter already and practiced with her crossbow, Ella took down the alligator with a single shot above its eyes.

To make sure the alligator was incapacitated and wouldn't lash out, Longer had Ella fire two more shots at the alligator, the second of which split her original arrow. Longer also asked Ella to shoot to gator with his .243 pistol, once again hitting her original arrow.

Originally estimated to be 12 feet long, the official measurement of the alligator was 13 feet, large enough to rank the kill #1 in the Trophy Game Records of the World's database, which has been tracking game records for thirty years. Longer called Ella's kill the pinnacle of his year as a hunting guide,

I've gone several years without even getting a 12-foot (alligator).  I don't know how it happened or why it happened, and this is probably my pinnacle for the year.

I have more confidence in her than probably more than 90 percent of the grown men I take on hunts.

Ella's kill also increases the odds of her winning the Trophy Game Records of the World Huntress of the Year award for the second year in a row, an award given to female hunters until the age of 17.

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