The 11:00pm curfew for Oklahoma bars and restaurants has been lifted! Over the past 2 days a lot has happened with the mandatory curfew and the extension of Oklahoma's COVID-19 state of emergency orders or mandates. Earlier this week news broke that District Judge Susan Stallings extended a temporary restraining order that put a hold on the enforcement of the curfew for the next 6 months. Several Oklahoma bars and restaurants have filed lawsuits over the curfew and challenged it's enforcement.   

This means Oklahoma bars, taverns, nightclubs and all restaurants are free to remain open for in person patrons and dinning past 11:00pm. After the judge sided with the bars and restaurants who challenged the curfew the next day Governor Stitt officially removed it from the Oklahoma COVID-19 state of emergency plan that has been in effect since March of last year. He amended the executive order to remove the curfew mandate when he extended the state of emergency plan and details earlier this week.

The biggest issue with the curfew was the total lack of any real science or evidence that it would be, or was, effective in reducing or slowing the spread of COVID-19. As bar and restaurant owners from across the state began filling lawsuits and challenging the curfew it became clear that it needed to be removed from the state's COVID-19 state of emergency plan and proclamation. Some agree, others disagree with the removal of the curfew and allowing bars and restaurants to remain open past 11:00pm.

While the curfew has been lifted all other CDC and state mandates and/or recommendations for COVID-19 public safety are still required to be followed. Social distancing, wearing masks and all the other guidelines for helping slow or stop the spread of Corona virus for both individuals and businesses.

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