As I was drinking my Monday cup of Joe and surfing the webland I discovered two very important observations worth noting: 1) Women worship pin up girls, 2) Men love to date pin up girls look alike. See these 14 striking photos of vintage pin up girls and you will agree with me.

What is it about pin up girls that makes them popular even today – some 70 years after the WWII when pin up girls became an overnight hit?

14 Sexy Pin Up Girls

Is it the hair, the make up, the swimsuits or the combination of it all that makes them an idol for both sexes (though for different reasons).  Women spend hours dressing up, putting their hair up just so they can look like Betty Grable or Bettie Page (anyone else noticing the weird Pin up girl/girls named Bettie relationship?)

And what about you guys? – Tattoos of pin up girls remain wildly popular today as well. Off the top of my head a few famous chicks  guys go gaga over include Dita Von Teese and Kat Von D.

Why do you think we love pin up girls?

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