It's that time of year again. The music world's focus turns to Austin, Texas for the annual South by Southwest Music Showcase, with acts from all genres and around the world getting a chance to show what they're made of.

You'll recognize some bigger names playing like Deftones, Killswitch Engage, P.O.D., Wolfmother, Iggy Pop, Drowning Pool, Crowbar, Coheed and Cambria and even Yoshiki of X Japan has a special show planned for SXSW film festival goers checking out the band's We Are X documentary.

But SXSW is also a showcase for up-and-coming acts and you'll find buzzworthy bands like The Virginmarys, Andrew Watt, The Struts, Wild Throne, I See Stars and more among those playing. Check out our full hard rock and metal guide to SXSW performances below. And to see all of the acts performing at SXSW this year regardless of genre, click here.

Tuesday, March 15
The Warning / 8PM-8:40PM / Dirty Dog Bar
The Dead Deads / 9PM-9:40PM / Dirty Dog Bar
(hed) p.e. / 10PM-10:40PM / Dirty Dog Bar
Open Hand / 11PM-11:40PM /Dirty Dog Bar
Them Guns / 12AM-12:40AM / Dirty Dog Bar
P.O.D. / 1AM-1:50AM / Dirty Dog Bar

Wednesday, March 16
Expander /  8PM-8:40PM / Dirty Dog Bar
Victim Mentality /  8:20-9PM / The Belmont
Khemmis / 9PM-9:40PM / Dirty Dog Bar
Iggy Pop /  9PM-10:30PM / Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater
Alberta Cross / 9:10PM-9:40PM / Bungalow
Wintersleep / 10PM-10:35PM / Bungalow
InAeona / 10PM-10:40PM / Dirty Dog Bar
Lord Dying / 11PM-11:40PM / Dirty Dog Bar
Andrew Watt / 11PM-11:40PM / Buffalo Billiards
Conan / 12AM-12:40AM / Dirty Dog Bar
Monuments / 1AM-1:50AM /  Dirty Dog Bar

Thursday, March 17
Brian Fallon / 6PM-6:40PM / Outdoor Stage at Lady Bird Lake
Message to the Masses / 8PM-8:25PM / Monster Energy Outbreak House
Toothgrinder / 8PM-8:40PM / Elysium
More to Monroe / 9PM-9:25PM / Empire Garage
Black Fast / 9PM-9:40PM / Elysium
Andrew Watt / 9:10PM-9:30PM / Scoot Inn
Conquer Divide / 9:15PM-9:40PM / Monster Energy Outbreak House
The Struts / 9:30PM-10PM / Bud Light Factory
Wild Throne / 9:40PM-10:05PM / Empire Garage
Black Crown Initiate / 10PM-10:40PM / Elysium
Power Trip / 10:20PM-10:50PM / Empire Garage
Entheos / 10:30PM-10:55PM / Monster Energy Outbreak House
Drowning Pool / 11PM-11:40PM / Elysium
Turnstile / 11:10PM-11:40PM / Empire Garage
The Contortionist / 12AM-12:40AM / Elysium
Killswitch Engage / 12AM-1:15AM / Empire Garage
Crowbar / 1AM-1:50AM / Elysium
Wolfmother / 1AM-1:50AM / Easy Tiger

Friday, March 18
Deftones / 3PM / Stubb's
Wolfmother / 7PM-7:40PM / Outdoor Stage at Lady Bird Lake
X Japan's Yoshiki / 7:15PM / Paramount Theater
Aminals / 7:45PM-8:15PM / Dirty Dog Bar
Dead Earth Politics / 8PM-8:40PM / Sledge Hammer
Coheed and Cambria / 8PM-9:15PM / Outdoor Stage at Lady Bird Lake
Take Over and Destroy / 8:30-9:00PM / Dirty Dog Bar
The New Regime / 9PM-9:40PM / Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater
The Fine Constant / 10PM-10:30PM / Dirty Dog Bar
The Great Discord / 10PM-10:40PM / Sledge Hammer
Ian Moore & the Lossy Coils / 10PM-10:40PM / Continental Club
Wild Throne / 10:45PM-11:15PM / Dirty Dog Bar
Exmortus / 11:30PM-12:15AM / Dirty Dog Bar
Plague Vendor / 12AM-12:40AM / Barracuda Backyard
The Cult / 12AM-1AM / Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theater
Steve 'n' Seagulls / 12:30AM-1:50AM / Dirty Dog Bar
The New Regime / 1AM-1:50AM / Tap Room at the Market
Chemical Burn / 1AM-1:50AM / Sledge Hammer
Supersuckers / 1AM-1:55AM / Continental Club

Saturday, March 19
The Ansible / 7:45PM-8:05PM / Dirty Dog Bar
Memories in Broken Glass / 8:20PM-8:40PM / Dirty Dog Bar
Currents / 8:55PM-9:15PM / Dirty Dog Bar
Lo-Pan / 9PM-9:40PM / Swan Dive Patio
Mumiy Troll / 9PM-9:40PM / Maggie Mae's Gibson Room
The Virginmarys / 9PM-9:40PM / Trinity Hall at Old School
The New Regime / 10PM-10:40PM / Trinity Hall at Old School
I See Stars / 10:45PM-11:15PM / Dirty Dog Bar
Author & Punisher / 11PM-11:40PM / Swan Dive Patio
Black Cobra / 12AM-12:40AM / Swan Dive Patio
Victim Mentality / 12AM-12:40AM / Maggie Mae's Gibson Room
Bongzilla / 1AM-1:50AM / Swan Dive Patio

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