I remember reading about this late last night, and to tell you the truth, it'll kind of restore your faith in people to choose something both timeless and classic, but the number one Halloween decoration for the year 2020 has been chosen as the humble skeleton. OK, technically, the actual choice was a twelve foot skeleton available from Home Depot, but a skeleton of any size is a solid investment in your spooky stocks.

Granted, I'll share with you a pro-tip when it comes to the Halloween goods... I usually put a full-size skeleton in the passenger side of my truck for the month of October, so you can trust me here... That full-size or giant-size skeleton will be deeply discounted the first week of November. I think mine was right around $60 at Walmart before Halloween, I ended up paying something ridiculous like $15 after the holiday.

But where do you store a huge skeleton the rest of the year?

I actually keep mine hanging in a hall closet, then when I have kids over, I tell them not to open that closet door because a skeleton will jump out at them... Obviously, curiosity gets the best of them, and their screams are like fun and peaceful harps to me.

If you've been down Ferris Avenue over the last couple of weeks, The Vaska theater has had one of those massive skeletons up on their awning for a while, and it's awesome. They were totally ahead of the curve when it came to choosing a perfect piece of decor.

If you want a giant 12 foot skeleton, Home Depot is where you'll find them, but I will add, they've been sold-out online for the last week or so. Also, it's pretty steep at $300.. but even so, that's cheaper than electronicbay.com, where the current going rate is about a grand.

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