Every summer, the corporate office is filled with young kids who obviously don't belong here. They're interns. They spend working hours huddled in cubicles, huddled in the kitchen, huddled in the hallway or huddled in a huddle and counting the minutes until they can leave.

Honestly, we've had a pretty decent group of kids each time.

For the second straight summer, our interns have been shipped in from overseas.The British kids are always a hell of a lot more fun than the Americans.

Before she shoved off back to her own country, we asked our summer intern Evie to compile a list of all the things she learned while interning in the states. We did it just to give her something to do because she looked bored as hell. The list she compiled ended up being pretty damn hilarious.

Here are 25 lessons our British intern learned during her time in the US.

  • 1

    Don’t take a local subway train to work - it takes ten times as long as an express. The actual subway journey can be a highlight of the day - the stations may be like a furnace but the trains are lovely and cool

  • 2

    Dates are written in the wrong order here - month/day/year

  • 3

    Cars are allowed to turn on a red light!

  • 4

    New York is a very easy city to navigate. If you get lost, don’t tell anyone. It will be embarrassing for you. You are basically admitting to not being able to count

  • 5

    If you need a social security number, do not wait until the week before you leave to apply for it. You will not be given one

  • 6

    Always carry an umbrella - when it rains, it really rains (dripping dog is not a great look for work)

  • 7

    Remember to tip at least 15%. If you don’t, you will be chased down the street

  • 8

    If you’re hot while you’re walking down the street, walk close to building doors and you’ll get a quick air conditioning breeze

  • 9

    Dunkin Donuts doesn't only serve doughnuts

  • 10

    American sandwiches are not sandwiches. They are a huge amount of meat garnished with a little bit of bread. Try getting the whole thing in your mouth

  • 11

    If you ask for chips, you will get a bag of crispy potatoes. Note: British crisps = American chips, British chips = American fries

  • 12

    There is no need to search for a Starbucks because you're probably standing right in front of one

  • 13

    There is such thing as a lobster doughnut in US

  • 14

    If you go to Central Park at dusk, you will be bitten. A lot. Or worse

  • 15

    'Surprised Patrick' is a thing

  • 16

    It is the Meatpacking District and not Meatpackers District

  • 17

    Americans really know how to do sales and 50% off is a relatively common sight. Make sure you take an empty suitcase

  • 18

    You're forbidden to walk about the East Village without a yoga mat

  • 19

    If someone comes up behind you at your desk, do not say “You gave me a fright.” They will laugh at you, and say you sound like you’re out of ‘The Parent Trap’

  • 20

    You will fall madly in love with Free Wi-Fi and miss it when it's gone

  • 21

    Being under twenty-one is not ideal. Americans can vote, get married, even own a gun before they turn twenty-one, but they can’t drink alcohol. This can make going out in the evenings a complete nightmare. If you’re still young, be prepared to spend a lot of time wandering the streets

  • 22

    Buffalo is a place and not just an animal

  • 23

    Never ask where the toilet is. You will be laughed at or thought to be very strange. The word is bathroom

  • 24

    Sleep is unnecessary and a complete waste of your time

  • 25

    New York is the most amazing city to intern in. You won’t want to leave (although make sure you do, or you will be thrown out of the country and not allowed back in)

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