Firearm and ammunition availability seems to be cyclical. (that means there are cycles of which they are or aren't readily available) This current ammunition shortage isn't the first we've lived through, and most likely won't be the last, but the reasoning behind it is a first. You see, during the Obama administrations shortage, it was caused by politics. Today, it's a manufacturing issue due to coronavirus, and as the election nears with official candidacy and sweeping declarations of tyranny to our collective right that shall not be infringed, the shortages are about to kick into a higher gear.

While I would never advocate panic buying items to exercise your constitutional rights, we both know you already are, so let me lay out what you should be investing our monies in the case we have to through a big boat party in January.

  • Joe Raedle
    Joe Raedle

    Modern Sporting Rifles

    The AR-15 might be the ultimate American modern sporting rifle. Literally the poster-child for gun banning across the nation. If you don't have one or six yet, this is the type of firearm that will be considered "Public Enemy #1" by any and all politicians looking to violate your constitutional rights.

    People will say things like "You don't need an AR-15 to hunt!" and they'd be absolutely correct. It's a terrible choice for traditional game... but that constitution wasn't written to regulate wildlife.

    It should be noted, the modern sporting rifle category doesn't stop at AR-15's. There is a myriad of firearms that fall into category worth taking a look at. AK-47's for the casual "Accuracy doesn't matter" shooter, piston driven guns for the snobs, and fancier variants in different calibers for the affluent.

    It is imperative that you do your research before plopping down fat cash on what you think is a "good looking" fun gun. Accessories are worthless to the second hand buyer, brand names are fine, but an AR is an AR. You'll earn extra boog-bucks if you go all in on a decent AR-10.

  • fredrocko


    I can already see the confusion on your face...

    "Why isn't the second item to panic buy pistols?"

    Well, if a prospective future gun ban is like past gun bans, you'll still be able to buy your pistols. Magazines on the other hand could be harder to come by. Ever wonder why sites sell 10 round Glock mags? Tyranny, that's why.

    This is another category where you can spend mild to wild. Factory mags are preferred, but there are a few, well, very few third party manufacturers that make both dependable and affordable magazines for a ton of different firearms. This is the point where you don't want to forget about your dependable rimfire range toys in addition to your belt stowable and sling carryable bangsticks.

  • Chris Tennant
    Chris Tennant


    This might be the biggest challenge on the list between now and November. Manufacturers have been forced to cut production due to coronavirus, and Fudd's everywhere are buying up as much as they can. It's a real problem we're dealing with now. The important thing to remember is don't be a sucker.

    With supply and demand, the value of ammo fluctuates constantly. Last time I bought a few thousand rounds a box of 9mm, it was something like sixteen cents per round. This was a while ago. I've seen it from the lowest forms of life for as high as 75¢ per round. Don't be the guy that begs to be taken advantage of. This is why it pays to have a local gun shop. While we only have one actual legit gun shop in Lawton, you can trust they're offering as fair a deal as they can. Keep an eye on the shops in the surrounding area too. A drive to Duncan isn't unheard of for a decent price on freedom seeds.

  • UltraONEs


    If the first three were necessary, from this point on, we're talking ideal dreams from here on out.

    The last time the political atmosphere threatened the very foundation on which this country is built, accessories dried up fast... sort of. It was nearly impossible to find a BCG for an AR-15. They'd come into stock at online retailers, and disappear within minutes. On the other hand, other firearm accessories were plentiful. I built a tacticool shotgun on sale prices because nobody was buying that stuff. Eventually, after the hoarders filled their cupboards with "assaulty" stuff, they turned on the lesser tactical items drying those up. Try to stay in front of the curve.

    A little piece of advice... If the legal/banned/legal/grey/iffy status of bump stocks can teach us anything, that pistol stock built on technicality might be a good deal now, but we all know, even a firearm friendly president can deem those evil with a signature in the future.

  • Ethan Miller
    Ethan Miller

    The Big Exotics

    I've never owned a .50BMG, but they're plentiful out there... and the good thing is, since they're already ridiculously expensive, prices are pretty stable on them. So when you see an $8000 price tag, you won't get sticker shock. This category includes all the fun stuff in the big bore range. The kind of stuff that lets you reach out and touch inanimate targets.

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