D-Day. The day we know justice arrived in Nazi occupied Europe. June 6th, 1944 saw the biggest military undertaking in the history of the world as we and our allies conspired to win another world war. (Back to back champs) It was also a day men of the greatest generation saw horrors. Disparity. The tolls of death that no human should have to witness, but they did their job and the world still owes debt to them for it.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary, hoards of surviving veterans have made the trip back to Normandy, France. For some, it's their first visit since. Given the history, the tales, the lore, and what stories they managed to pass on, every American should be current on our achievements in WWII. Our launching into Normandy. The price young men paid to fight tyranny on the other side of the world.

As videos and pictures start to hit the web in the coming days, be ready to receive it. It'll be emotional. Those horrors will be relived. New stories will be shared. New pride will find a home in your patriotic heart.

If you're lucky enough to know an old veteran, ask them about their service. It may not be easy to hear, or easily told, but every experience should be shared. For without that terrible side of war, we might not work as hard to keep the peace. Remember.

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