If you didn't know, it's rodeo season in Oklahoma. There's at least four or five that happen in the stretch of about six or seven weeks within about a thirty minute drive of Lawton, if you're not catching at least one just to say you've been, you're missing out on unbelievable moments like this.

In any other normal circumstance, bull riding is the big sport that puts seats in the stands at any given rodeo. That's why even the ranch type rodeos usually feature it, because people show up for it. Sure, barrel racing is a thrill, roping is entertaining for a while, but when a brave soul plops his duds down on two-thousand pounds of raging inferno... that's what the people show up to see.

No matter how many times you've watched a bull fly out of a chute, it's always the same feeling just prior. As a fan, there's a buildup of anticipation. Literally anything could happen when that gate opens, and everyone hopes for a spectacular sight and a full eight second ride to glory, but in Walters, something really unique happened.

When the gate opened for this cowboy, everything started just like it's supposed to. The bull exploded out of the chute and started to buck and spin. Unfortunately, in that normal everyday rodeo process, the bull managed to catch the side of the chute and knock itself out for a solid eight count. Of all the rodeos I've been to, I don't think I've even heard of this happening before. Luckily, Robert Dewey posted it to YouTube so we can all consume the unbelievable together from the safety of wherever you are at the moment.

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