There's a special kind of pressure put on men every February. The kind that says "Don't do anything special, it's just a day..." but also "Show me how much you love me..." in a mixed-bag of messages. It's a dark time for most men, and if we fail, a dark time also for the women we love.

Like all men, I may lean to the side that thinks Valentine's Day is stupid. It's a day originally set aside to feast and honor the Saint of Love... and beekeeping... and epilepsy... True story, look it up, the fifth century was weird.

Nowadays, Saint Valentine is honored by 2-for-1 dinner specials and rampant consumerism... and at least half the population is OK with that, provided we men don't care to celebrate the OG meaning either. It's the pressure to come up with a way to, well, win a trophy we already have in the case...

It's the whole "Where do you want to eat/I don't care" thing again, but it extends into other paradoxes.

"Don't get me anything/You didn't get me anything?"

"You don't have to spend money on me/My mom was right, you're so cheap..."

It's the one day where even if we do everything right, there's always that little pinch of "Well, you could've............." and men really do suffer trying to plan for this day. That's why we long for the day when a card and some crappy flowers will suffice as "the norm."

But what if I provided you a perfect Valentine's Day plan that will A) Be affordable, and B) Give her absolutely no reason to complain?

Gentlemen, I present, Nuggets of Love.

Before you roll your eyes, yes... These are heart-shaped chicken nuggets and if she's the one, she'll love you for the thought you put into this.

Think about it, you make her a homecooked meal that even you can't mess up. They're a limited-time thing and almost as rare as diamonds.

Build the main course around a side of plain, blue-box mac & cheese and maybe some grapes or apples for a little healthy fiber. Go super-Oklahoma fancy and toss the Kool-Aid in a few wine glasses, make some fried okra, and cap it off with those heart-themed snack cakes.

Any woman that wouldn't find this to be so pathetically sweet and adorably endearing is not the woman for you... and believe me, you'd rather find that kind of information out during an $18 homemade meal for two rather than after the $100 evening at the steakhouse where the kitchen will be in such a frenzy, you'd likely be eating overcooked ribeye anyway...

I know it sounds stupid, but I'm telling you... This could be THE meal that your future wife laughs and jokes about at the wedding. It's the story she'll tell the kids and grandkids about. It'll go down as either the moment you realized you hadn't found the one, or it will be the moment where she truly fell in love with you... because only love could find the humor in this plan.

Look sharp, they're hard to find but Sam's currently has them in Lawton. Good luck and godspeed.

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