Since the coronavirus isn't going to magically stop anytime soon in America, here is a short list of things that can make pandemic life just a little easier to live.

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    Anti-Fog Spray

    Whether you wear glasses or sunglasses, while it is a first world problem, the whole "mask makes glasses fog up" thing really grinds my gears. Granted, I only wear my mask for very short periods at a time, others are required to cover their face all day long. Naturally, fog is a problem. It's also a sign that your mask doesn't fit properly, but that's your business. Luckily, we live in the 21st century and anti-fog is available commercially, making the idea of spitting on your glasses a thing of the past.

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    Mask Extenders

    Here's the other rub about masks... Over time, they can hurt your ears. It's not because any particular person has delicate ears, it's just not something we're accustomed to in our short history on this planet. But the same goes for just about anything you wear out of the ordinary right? Ever get shoes that hit you weird in the achilles? Pants that somehow rub you too tight on the calf? A new favorite shirt that brutalizes your neck with a ridiculously stiff label? The ears thing is totally understandable. Before these handy products came out, I just used a zip tie fashioned into a makeshift extender, but since buying things is more American than making things these days, here you go.

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    A Cookbook

    I realize my opinion on cooking is rare in this part of the country, but there is nothing more masculine than knowing how to cook amazing meals. Most in my generation and those older than I still believe cooking is a female trait, probably due to schools still offering home-ec for the ladies and shop for the dudes way back when... but there's nothing more manly than spice, meats, and fire. Cooking is more of a human skill rather than a gendered skill, but believe me, you score big points knowing things like fond is flavor, and de-glazing is how you get it.

    Trying to continually eat out during the pandemic is ridiculously expensive, and eating the same easy stuff all the time is boring. You have all the time in the world to learn something new. Now get in the kitchen and be a man.

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