In case you haven't explored the internet over the last decade, Between Two Ferns was the brainchild of Zack Galihoweveryouspellhisname. He was a huge star after The Hangover, which somehow bridged a comedy gap between all Americans. My own bible-thumping parents went on and on about how much they liked it. It took me a few times seeing it to fully appreciate the comedy, but as comedy is subjective to each person, it's totally OK.

So Between Two Ferns started as a YouTube thing, I think. I really don't remember where it originated, but I remember seeing it for the first time on that platform. Everyone has been apart of it. President Obama, Killery Clinton, and Hollywood's most "elite" people. For the longest time, I thought Zack was so far in character, than the reactions of every guest was serious. While it's never fun to get to peek behind the curtain and see how the magic is pulled off, this video is classic. You get to see that the entire show, every segment, every interview, etc... is put together like any other production in Hollywood. It's scripted, the actors act, and we're lead down a narrative path to believe something else.

Does that mean we should be upset the whole thing is fake? No. It's comedy and performance. I guess we should all re-learn that important lesson that nothing online is real, or at a minimum, we should source out facts to support opinions. If more people did that, social media wouldn't be the cesspool of lies it is now.

Hope you enjoyed a good laugh. We need that more now than ever before.

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