It may seem strange to you, but there's a guy that makes a decent living writing and performing hilariously cringe songs about places and posts them to YouTube and streaming services. Each view and listen might only be worth a portion of one cent, but if you capture the curiosity of enough people, you can rake in the money doing it.

Meet Matt Farley, a Massachusetts native that writes the most gloriously bad songs ever, and while it seems like a strange way to make a buck, he's laughing his way to the bank. Does it require talent? Well, yeah. I mean, there can't be very many people in this world with the foresight to cheat the system like he manages. It also takes a certain amount of drive. He's written thousands and thousands of songs and posted them up anywhere the web will pay him for it.

What's so hilarious about our own local Lawton song, Lawton! Lawton! Lawton! is how with a melody and access to the Wikipedia page about Lawton, you could have done this too, if you ever did anything creative in your life.

If you thought his channel name The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities And Towns was odd, he has more. Like dozens if not hundreds of aliases on the web and inside streaming services where his music lives today, chiseling away at corporate pocketbooks half a penny at a time. Is it bad? Intentionally. Is it awesome? You bet. But it's interesting nonetheless.

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