While the cold winter months feel like the slowest, most boring months of the year in Oklahoma, that's just when the high-flying fun heads indoors.

I've been sitting in the studio pretending to stay busy working on the last Friday of 2022 when something splashed across my screen on YouTube that cloud website we all use to do our diligent work.

Motocross is coming back to Oklahoma in January... sort of...

Rider driving in the motocross race the rear wheel motocross bike

Arenacross is the kid-brother of Supercross. Motocross is dirtbike racing on built tracks outdoors. Supercross is dirtbike racing on built tracks in stadiums. Arenacross is the same but in smaller venues and arenas. The Supercross stars of tomorrow are racing in the Arenacross circuit today, savvy?

No matter what the weather decides to do over the next twenty days, your kids will love a cheap cold day spent in the warmth of Lazy-E Arena at the races, even if they've never shown an interest in motorcycles or racing.

Why? Because every kid loves the idea of riding motorcycles. My own sister, who feels very unsettled every time I give a nephew a new motorcycle, used to hop on and race around the tracks with us as kids. All of us did, and there was nothing quite like a Saturday night at the motocross tracks in Elk City and Lawton.

There's just something about the smell of pre-mix gas and two-stroke exhaust wafting in the air that excites the senses. The anticipation of chaos as each rider revs their engine getting ready to speed off from the starting gate. The graceful and odd silence of a dirtbike floating through the air between jumps, it's one of those things every kid should get to experience at least once in their lifetime.

Supercross Open Auckland Media Session
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Here are the details...

There are two nights of racing at Lazy-E Arena in January, the 20th and the 27th. Tickets are relatively cheap, $30-$60 depending on how VIP you want to sit, but since the track is carved around the entire small arena, there's not a bad seat in the house.

AMA wants you to get tickets through Ticketmaster, but with all of their bad business shenanigans, you can opt to purchase yours through other outlets like TicketSmarter if you so choose.

For a really good time, pop into your local motorcycle shop and pick up a cheap jersey for the kids to wear. Take a few Sharpies for autographs too.

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