If you can pretend that you haven't seen that video of the Amazon Prime delivery driver peeing that in that customers driveway floating around the web yet, you'll appreciate this customer-created advertisement for the short thirty seconds it lasts.

Truth be told, there is no single service better than the others... It all falls on the quality of driver being employed. For instance, we've all seen the FedEx dude throw that TV over the fence when he was running late, but my FedEx dude always has dog treats with him for the puppies on his route.

Don't blame the service for the sins of a bad driver, but do bring it up to them. Not that I encourage being a tattle-tale, but you simply can't accept constantly receiving broken packages right? Here's one little pro-tip I have for anything ordered online... I ship it to the station. Odds are, your delivery driver isn't going to go kung fu on your goods in such a public place, especially a business. So the thought here is you'll get your package delivered in the same manner as which that driver received your package at the warehouse.

Does that mean it won't be damaged? No. I've gotten plenty of busted boxes from UPS and FedEx over the years. Luckily, while the boxes have been literally beat to hell, I've never had a broken or beat up order inside that mangled box. Call it what you want, I'm sticking with luck on it.

If you're not able to have your packages delivered at work, there are other options. For instance, maybe you can send your stuff addressed to a friend at their office, or you can go straight to the place you don't want to and purchase a PO Box. If you want to cut me in for 10%, you should start a business where all you do is accept peoples online orders. A small storefront that's manned during courier hours where people can send their stuff and pick it up later. It could end porch piracy. Before you say "That's the UPS Store..." it's not. No copies, no mailing, no PO Boxes... You just accept the shipments and hand them over to the person on the label. Easy peasy for $4/package.

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