Whoever said "2020 can't get worse" needs to shut up. It seems that every month so far this year, something major in the sense that it affects the entire world seems to happen. We started this year talking about Australia being on fire. The world poured out positive thoughts to do what we could about it. Then, out of left field, World War III took center stage. The impeachment of POTUS wrapped up. We all made Corona beer jokes, found out helicopters aren't super safe, and England withdrew from Europe to be single again. Hollywood got a little slice of justice, Goop made a mockery of science with a lady-parts candle, then the world turned on to Covid-19, officially a worldwide pandemic and the US pretty much ran out of TP to sell to those who weren't hoarding it. We've been nearly locked down ever since. Now, there are wildfires raging extremely close to the old Chernobyl nuclear reactor.

Many "just, can't, even" at the moment.

No idea what the implications can be if the fire reaches the tombstone enclosure of the failed reactor, but it can't be good for anyone right? To top it off, they allegedly questioned a young man that admitted to setting the fires out of boredom. Thanks Covid-19.

In happier news, lawns across town have never looked so good. Proud of you.


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