Well, well, well... How the turn tables... Normally in polite 2020 society, it's the pro-maskers taking the fight to those who believe the rona is just a big political conspiracy. We're going into Fall completely backwards.

Whether or not you choose to wear a mask is your own business. Personally, I don't mind it. As I've said before, in the best interest of taking groceries to my 90 year old gam-gam, I don't mind wearing a mask in public.

Is it comfortable? No.
Do I like hot breath? No.
Do I think it negates my risk of catching coronavirus? Don't know.
Do I think I look stupid? Don't care, I wear Crocs.

I've had this debate a thousand times since March and I've proudly been stubborn enough to not change my mind on it whatsoever. I don't care if I look stupid or if someone calls me a sheep. I'm not naive enough to believe there's nothing political about it, but I'm also not egotistical enough to make it all about me either. As more and more countries get their rona outbreaks under control, masks and mandates are literally becoming a first-world problem.

Still, I think if you want to wear your mask, go for it. If you don't want to wear a mask, that should be your call too. I don't think it's the governments job to force a mask on your face... I believe that level of restriction should be left up to Walmart, Target, Country Mart, and every other private business out there. If a mask is required by policy and you don't want to wear that mask, you have the right to refuse spending your money there. If masks aren't required and you think they should be, you could also refuse to spend your money there. That's how this all should work. In the mean time, I'll continue wearing my mask until they've figured out how to combat the covid and life finally gets back to normal... not out of fear, but out of hope I'm not the person that kills my gam-gam.

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