We finally get some good news for a change instead of the usual cancellation or postponement. The Apache Casino Hotel has just confirmed that they will be hosting a HUGE fireworks display on Saturday, July 4th 2020 (07-04-20). The "Heroes of America Fireworks Show"  will be the perfect way to celebrate our Independence Day and will be one of the very first community events scheduled since the COVID-19 pandemic. We're over due for something like this.

A BIG THANKS to Apache Casino Hotel for stepping up and putting this together for the Lawton, Fort Sill community. We've already lost "Arts for All" and the "International Festival" for this year. Then the City of Lawton announced awhile back that they wouldn't be able to do the annual "Freedom Festival."  It was looking like we'd have to go without and put on hold all our usual 4th of July plans, but now we've got the "Heroes of America Fireworks Show" to look forward to. Not only that, the event is COMPLETELY FREE to attend. It doesn't get any better than that.

The "Heroes of America Fireworks Show" will be held (07-04-20) in the open field East of the Casino. The gates will open at 5:00pm CST. There will be a flyover by the US Air Force 138th Fighter Wing that will include 4 F-16's at 8:20pm CST then the fireworks will start after dark around 9:30pm CST. It will be a picnic type event, you're welcome to bring food and drink along with your blankets and lawn chairs. There will also be food trucks and beverages available for purchase. For all the details see the official press release from Apache Casino Hotel below:

Heroes of America Fireworks Show - Press Release-page-001
Apache Casino Hotel

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