So I ran across a video on YouTube advertising caskets in the shape of boats, under the brand name Glory Boats. Naturally, I instantly start thinking 'shenanigans' because we, as a species, haven't buried people in boats since the Viking age. Still, there's just enough information on their website to make one think, they're real.

Now, not to be trolled by a wildly hilarious video online, I went ahead an called the phone number listed in the contact information. Nobody answered, but it did ring. Then I ran across they're facebook page, and it looks like a real product! They show up to outdoor shows to present their, um, unique product.

The real twist in the story is the statistics. Cremations became more popular than burial in 2015. Sure, it was by a slim margin, but the projections going forward don't paint a pretty picture for casket manufacturers. Maybe that's why we're seeing the first truly 'new' thing in this morbid industry since steel replaced the standard wood.

Given that they're a company out of Arkansas, and have been to outdoor shows as far away as Enid, you might walk across one of these at the next OKC boat and tackle show coming up in March.

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