You know what's better than trivia? Well okay, a lot of things. Of note though: strip trivia! Strip trivia is definitely better than regular trivia.

The release of 'Pain & Gain' just a few days away (April 26th) and we're pretty stoked. Summer action comedies -- particularly those penned by Michael Bay and starring Marky Mark, the Rock and Anthony Mackie -- are bound to be ridiculous and epic, just like we like 'em. Plus, there's nothing more epic than our trivia host, UFC babe Arianny Celeste.

An unbelievable-but-true story, 'Pain & Gain' tells the tale of a group of personal trainers in 90s Miami, who get caught up in the world of crime. That's pretty much the perfect recipe for a summer movie: action, babes, and more babes. We'll be there this Friday.