Sure, the last month has been a bear of questionable feelings. Initially, I can't remember a single person complaining about the stay-at-home suggestion for the first week or so. Then week two hit and brought boredom. That was when people pivoted to creativity and decided to share it with the world. More content has been published to YouTube in the last five weeks than in the last two years previously. The quarantine has created a gold mine of stellar old-school type good content with modern production values. For instance, this...

Meet Dan Dubuque. He's plays a mean slide guitar, flattop at that. It's only in this time we're experiencing that people reach out to find and appreciate his talents as both an artist and a fellow human coping with a pandemic. You may think that's cynical, but it's true. Dan's upload stream is only three weeks old. This is the type of creative stuff everyone should be doing. If you're spending time painting your house, let the camera roll. Talk to the camera if you like, or don't. It's like therapy. Then share it with the anonymous world. Whether you get feedback or not, people will enjoy and appreciate your efforts.

In this time of global trial, be a Dan. If you still think you need more encouragement, be the next subscriber to Dans channel. At this rate, he's bound to be one to follow for years to come.

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