Who knew, all you needed to spruce up Formula car racing was ditching the cars for full-contact off-road trophy trucks! I mean, if there was ever a motorsport more American than Nascar, it would be this! Massive tires, major horsepower, lots of high speed jumps, cornering on two and three wheels in really fast trucks! It's called Stadium Super Trucks, and it's pretty amazing.

It all started with an idea back in 2013, and saw some of the first races a year later. Here we are in 2018, and America, the place where it was invented, isn't really on the radar for it... yet. I mean, sure, they've had events around the country... Texas Motor Speedway for sure... but when have you ever seen this awesomeness on prime-time tv? It's apparently really popular in Australia, and with enough coverage, this could be the sport to replace an aging "drive around in circles" type event in the near future.

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