You know, as most of Oklahoma's animals are either predators or prey, the few zoos we have are somewhat special.

For instance, the OKC Zoo is ferociously awesome, but when you want to get up close and personal with the animals, it's a rather big no-no since that's what killed Harambe.


In a pinch, take a walk on the weird side at GraysLland Acres Llama and Goat Farm.

Technically, GraysLland is a working farm but they offer $5 farm tours, complete with lots of pets year-round.

For the most part, these fine Oklahomans raise their goats and llamas for things like milk and yarn which they turn into products.

I found them when shopping for goat soap. I have a young relative who suffers terribly from eczema and goat soap works wonders for him.


It's located up in Pryor and as I said, the tickets are dirt cheap. Looks like a ton of fun. As Spring springs, baby goats will likely be all over that place. Follow this link and click on Farm Tours.

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