Once again, YouTube's Slo Mo Guys have captured a little bit of awesomeness on film. This time, it's a legit fire backdraft, which I'm afraid sounds dumb, so they should call it a house-rocket from now on.

If you've taken enough science classes or spent enough time camping, you know what's going on here. When something on fire gets starved of oxygen, it continues to smolder, but there's still combustible carbon fuel there. If you've ever created char-cloth, you know it just takes a single little spark to get a forest-fire going. In a backdraft, the fire has the spark, it just needs the oxygen. When the oxygen finally saturates the space, it all goes up in an instant, creating in this case, a house-rocket - aka - backdraft.

If you thought it was just a terrible 90's flick about a pyro-firefighter, now you know better.

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