Today there is a primary election in our state. If you are 18 or over you should be registered to vote and figuring out the best time to go to your local polling place. Here is some sad news for our very RED state! According to the 2012 Oklahoma Civic Health Index, which was developed by a team of faculty and student researchers at the University of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoman's rank 44th among all states in the rate of citizens who are registered voters and 47th in voter turnout for national and state elections! 

Shame on us! Here's another interesting political note - nearly 63% of state House seats this year did not have a chance to be competitive because incumbents didn't draw an opponent. Oklahoma often does not score high in terms of political competitiveness. In other words, no one is running for office either. To read the entire report visit
Photo by: Lauren Hamilton

And, if you are wondering about the last time you voted or even some of our "famous" Oklahoman's have voted allows any Oklahoma resident to look up their own name to see how many days it has been since they last cast a ballot. I checked myself and found that I had not voted in 595 days. That was November 6th, 2012. That was the last presidential election. I have never missed a presidential election or election of a the governor of the state. I also, to my knowledge, have not missed an election for House or Senate. There may have been times when I've missed a Mayoral election or a state representative election but never Governor or President.

It is your right as a citizen, over the age of 18, to make your voice heard by voting! Don't waste that voice!  Get out today and vote. If you are not sure of where your polling locations are use a website like Just enter your address and it will give you personalized voting information.

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