This election year is turning out to be a very interesting one, to say the least. From shrewdly telling it like it is to the ushering in of a “political revolution”, the platforms of each candidate are hard hitting and about as diverse as they come.

Super Tuesday is the day during the presidential primary election when the largest number of states vote for the candidate who will represent their political party. This means that it gives candidates a “sense of certainty about their position”. Did they win? Did they not win? Was it a landslide? Was it by the hairs on their chinny-chin-chin? Plain and simple, you want your candidate to win? Get out and vote. You want to shut out a particular candidate and keep them from winning?

For those of you who feel like politics is a mind game full the blanket generalizations, polite euphemisms or flat out lies, I think we all can agree (or at least agree to disagree) that voting is important. I mean, none of us can deny that people have given, and are still giving, their lives for the opportunity to vote.

By Tanika Gentry

With that being said, here is a complete list of all of the polling stations around Lawton/Ft. Sill where you can cast your vote on Super Tuesday.

Super Tuesday Polling Places: Polling Hours: 7am-7pm
01.) First Assembly of God Church 2201 NW 82nd
02.) Crosby Park School 1602 NW Horton
03.) Northwest Baptist Church 1601 NW 52nd
07.) Blvd Christian Church 55th & Gore Blvd
08.) ST. Paul’s United Methodist Church 910 NW 38th
09.) Almor West School 6902 SW Delta
11.) Faith Bible Church 1402 SW Parkridge Blvd
13.) Lawton Heights Methodist Church 16th & Andrews
14.) Goodwill Adult & Youth Services 923 NW Hilltop Dr.
15.) Salt of the Earth Church 2209 NW 25th St
17.) Calvary Assembly of God Church 2402NW Bell
19.) Christian Church 1802 NW Elm
20.) Nazarene Church 1404 Arlington
21.) Bethlehem Baptist Church 602 NW Arlington Ave
25.) Multi-Purpose Center 1305 SW 11st
26.) Immanuel Baptist Church 1314 SW 11th
27.) Great Plains Coliseum 920 SW Sheridan, Annex Building
29.) Barnett Chapel Annex 3416 SW Overland Dr.
30.) Pioneer Park School 3005 NE Angus Pl
31.) MacArthur Middle School 510 NE 45th St
32.) Patterson Center #4 NE Arlington Ave
33.) Celebration Church 3802 SE Ford Rd
34.) Church of Christ at Park Lane 4906 SE Avalon
35.) Meers Community Bldg. Meers
36.) Medicine Park Town Hall 154 E Lake Dr.
37.) Paradise Valley Baptist Church 4974 NW Meers Porter Hill Rd
38.) First United Methodist Church 6th & G, Elgin
39.) Fletcher Fire Department 601 W North St, Fletcher
40.) Lady’s Town & Country 220 W Main, Sterling
41.) Sr. Citizens Room 900 Post Oak Plaza, Indiahoma
42.) First Baptist Church 4th & E, Cache
43.) Flower Mound School 2901 SE Flower Mound Rd.
45.) Wesley Chapel Church Deyo Rd. (3 mi S. of Lee Blvd.)
46.) Civic Center 305 3 St, Chattanooga
48.) City Hall 100 Main St, Geronimo
49.) Letitia Baptist Church 1 mi S of Hwy 7 on Hwy 65,
East side of road

50.) Holy Family Catholic Church 1010 NW 82nd St
51.) Wichita Mtn. Estates Fire Station Hwy 49 & Beaver Rd

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