While another deep dip into winter temperatures isn't out of the question, it appears spring is here to stay across Oklahoma. As we collectively wander out to the backyard to do our yearly spring cleaning, the question has popped up on social media about random balls of leaves still left on otherwise empty trees.

They aren't birds nests. They aren't harboring rare Southwest Oklahoma bald eagles either. But you won't want to shake this seeming clump of dead leaves out the your Oklahoma tree because these are the squirrel nests.


As much trouble as these furry critters give homeowners when it comes to attic intrusion, best practices suggest leaving their homes alone so they won't seek out a new place to crash in your insulation.

You'd be amazed how small the hole in your eaves has to be to fit a family of these.

What's With The Big Balls of Leaves In Your Trees?

We didn't mean for that to rhyme--but there's more to the big bunch of leaves in your tree this time of year!

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