This past week we had our annual Thanksgiving luncheon here at the studios.

For the past 17 plus years, I've deep-fried our turkeys and this year was no exception. It really is the best and fastest way to cook a bird hands down. It was my first of the season, with many more to come.

I love this time of year and Thanksgiving is one of my all-time favorite holidays.

What's not to like, with all the friends, family, food and of course all the tons and tons of deep-fried turkey. I'm a turkeyholic and never grow tired of frying and eating turkey!

While there are many ways you can prepare and cook your Thanksgiving turkey, for me fried is the very best. Over the years fried turkey has become more and more popular, and for good reason.

It's the fastest, easiest and juiciest way to prepare turkey. If you've never tried it you're really missing out. Think about it, fried chicken is much juicier and tastier than when it's baked, BBQ, or smoked. Which is exactly why we fry it. Turkey is the same way, just bigger.

I haven't eaten a baked turkey for well over 20 years. I will say I still enjoy smoked bird, but it still pales in comparison to fried. Hit play on the video below for a quick 2-minute introduction on "how to" fry a turkey.

It really is super easy to do and incredibly quick when compared to baking or other methods.

The main thing is to be safe, never leave the fryer unattended, and always have a fire extinguisher handy. Just follow the simple directions in the video and you'll become a fry master in no time!

Luckily with the popularity of fried turkey, you can find a decent fry kit that includes everything you'll need.

You can find them at Walmart, Sam's Club, Cabela's, Bass Pro Shop, even Lowe's and Home Depot have kits available to purchase. Shop around and you'll find one pretty quickly.

Same for all the Cajun spices, injectable marinades, peanut oil, and everything else you'll need to successfully deep fry your turkey. It really is easy to do, just take your time and be safe!

Happy 40th Anniversary to Massad's Gift Shop in Lawton!

Congratulations to Massad's Gift Shop for being in business for 40 years! They're located in the heart of beautiful downtown Lawton, Fort Sill at 413 S.W. C Avenue across from the Central Mall. Massad's has been voted the #1 gift shop in Lawton, Fort Sill again and again. It's not just all the incredible products they have either, it's the awesome customer service and how helpful and friendly the entire staff is. Massad's Gift Shop is locally owned and operated by Larry and Blanche Massad who are brother and sister. They're some of the friendliest, nicest people you'll ever meet. They really care about all their customers, which they call friends and family. Take a virtual tour of Massad's Gift Shop, scroll through the photos below:

Things To Do In Lawton - Fort Sill

Odds are, if you live here long enough, you'll simply forget how much awesomeness surrounds this community. It's like getting tired of an old toy, the new simply wears off... but, no matter what time of year it is, here are some things to do when you come to Lawton - Fort Sill

The "Clint Eastwood: A Cinematic Legacy" exhibit Dallas, TX.

If you're a fan of Clint Eastwood you have to make the trip to Dallas, TX to the AT&T Global Headquarters at 208 S. Akard Street in Dallas, TX. For a limited time, they have the "Clint Eastwood: A Cinematic Legacy" exhibit set up in the AT&T Discovery District. It will only be open until Sunday, November 28th (11-28-21) so time's running out. It's an amazing collection of props, wardrobe, and other Eastwood artifacts on display celebrating Clint's 50 plus years of cinematic experience. Here's the best part it's TOTALLY FREE and OPEN to the public! If you're wanting details, click here for days and times that the exhibit is open, In the meantime scroll through the photo gallery and check out some of the amazing items you'll see on display.

Where To See Fall Colors In Oklahoma

Whether it's the feeling you get when you see falls warm colors in the trees, or the comfort of a memory you recall from a younger time in your life, there are places in Oklahoma to see the beauty of autumn.

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