located on the corner of D Avenue & Sheridan Road.

For those of us who remember Doe Doe Park from back in the day it’s great to return to the site of so many summer memories. Sadly the water park is long gone but some of what used to be still remains like the picnic areas, grilling stations and bridges. Hence the same “Bridge Park”, they’ve updated the playground area with the latest and greatest slides, swings and more while keeping some of the old charm of days gone by. You’ll find plenty of playground fun, a wonderful place to picnic and there’s also a private pavilion available to rent for parties and social functions. There’s something old and something new sure to please all ages.

Fields & Dunning Park


located on the corner of Ferris & Liard.

What this park lacks in the way of picnic areas and grilling stations it makes up for with wide open spaces including a backstop for baseball, softball, kickball and with plenty of room to roam you’ll always find a football game in progress. The playground area is well shaded and there are plenty of benches to relax on while the kids run wild. Its size makes it perfect for smaller children and its convenient location makes it perfect for the quick trip to the park before dinner, or maybe even after. There’s just enough playground equipment to entertain the kids and keeping a close eye on little ones is made easy by its wide open design.


located on the corner of Cache & Pershing.

Liberty Lake Park

A HUGE playground area that includes picnic tables, grilling stations, benches, lots of trees and with Liberty Lake being right there you get the added bonus of ducks, geese, turtles and more! The playground is sure to keep the kids entertained there’s literally something for everyone and for all ages. You can also go fishing! It’s a great place to teach the basics and when they get bored, back to the playground they go. If you’re looking for a place to walk and get some exercise take a stroll around the lake on the walking trail.


located off cache road & 6th street or off Ferris & 6th

Elmer Thomas Park

While the actual playground area isn’t very large the park itself is. It’s a beautiful location and convenient. It offers everything from picnic areas, grilling stations, walking trail, fishing, playground and of course prairie dogs! You got to love the tunnel rats, I have to admit they are a lot of fun to watch and feed. Get closer to the lake and there’s ducks, geese and other wildlife to see. Have a party or other function? You can rent a pavilion and host your next event at Elmer Thomas Park, if kids are involved it’s a guaranteed hit and with so much to see and do everyone will enjoy themselves. This park has it all!

WARNING: Real wildlife DOES NOT resemble Disney films! Animals DO NOT talk in funny, adorable voices nor do they react to people and communicate like they do in cartoons. Meaning these are indeed wild animals, while they are used to people and are cute they can still harm you. Keep a close eye on children and don’t get too close. If you’re feeding the ducks, geese or prairie dogs DO NOT attempt to feed them by hand. Throw the bread, crackers or whatever it is you brought for them and they’ll get it and you’ll still have your fingers. Be respectful and keep your distance to avoid a possible trip to the E.R.


located on the corner of 38th street and Meadowbrook.

Kid Zone

It’s the biggest of all of Lawton, Ft. Sill’s playgrounds. The granddaddy of them all KIDS ZONE! With a HUGE playground area for all ages, tons of unique features and with separate sections for the little kids it’s a one stop shop. This isn’t just a regular playground it’s a maze of entertainment that will keep the kids going for hours, chances are you’ll wear out before they do. With lots of benches both inside and outside the park, picnic areas, grilling stations, bathroom facilities, water fountains, a private pavilion available to rent and more! A great place, no matter how often you take the kids they never get tired of it. I rarely get out of the parking lot before my daughter asks “When are we coming back”.

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