As the coronavirus drama moves into another new week, we all have something new to watch out for... Fake coronavirus testing sites. That's the newest trend among the lowest beings on earth. Promising a quick test swab for cash, these pop up sites look just like those set up by legitimate medical professionals. The real red flag here is the request for cash.

While there haven't been any documented in this part of the country, that's a big "yet." Criminals don't follow the law, so you're really left to use your own common sense when it comes to this.

While odds of something like this happening in Lawton are slim, the smaller communities outlying our region are most likely to fall victim of a scam like this. Those communities that don't have the manpower available to deal with, or even do a quick background check on promised "too good to be true" information.

If anything, advise your elder neighbors. Tell your dumb neighbors too. Stay vigilant my friend.

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