Just a block east of the downtown mall in Lawton, Oklahoma sits an area that time forgot, at least for a while.  Barely four years ago, John Rutherford purchased the old Fairmont Creamery Company building, a 1920’s era historic structure that, until just last month, was still on the City of Lawton’s demolition list.  But the old creamery has gotten a reprieve and exciting times are on the radar for The Fairmont District.

After twenty plus years of vacancy, the old creamery had fallen into serious disrepair.  After some hefty investment and some much-needed repairs, Rutherford and company are looking forward to a very bright future.  What they’re striving for is nothing short of a mini-Bricktown.  Plans are in the works for shopping, restaurants and a coffee shop, set to open in the fall.

The Fairmont District Experience, Inc. was formed to organize, fundraise and revitalize the area. Tomorrow, May 3, is the beginning of an exciting month for the Fairmont District.  Joe Tilton, Vice President of the organization, says Saturday will be an exciting day for the whole family:

Our premier event is a block party with games, music, parade and food, to let the community know what is happening and have some fun in the process.  The afternoon events, from 3 to 7, are for parent’s time out for some fun, including a beer garden.  Some great bands will play your favorite songs.  The opening of this new District in Lawton is to introduce the area to the newest music and activity venue that is host for the Charlie Christian Music Festival over Memorial Day weekend.

Tilton says a children's parade begins at 10:00 am.  Line-up is at 9:40, with a $100 cash prize, trophies and ribbons.  For more information, you can reach out to the Fairmont District on their Facebook page.