The Sooner State has more than its fair share of ghost stories, urban legends, and haunted places. It seems like no matter where you go in Oklahoma you'll stumble upon reports of paranormal activity and rumors of the supernatural in just about every town, city, and county in the state. Oklahoma is a ghost hunter's paradise! This place is right outside Tulsa.


Have you ever heard of the Belvidere Mansion in Claremore, OK? It's a gothic-style mansion that was built in the early 1900s and is rumored to be haunted by its past owners.

It was originally built by the late John M. Bayless in the early 190os and took years to complete. Unfortunately, just 6 months prior to the mansion being finished Mr. Bayless died.

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His wife and children ended up completing the work and lived in the mansion until 1919. Throughout the years it was bought and sold to various people and investors. It even served as an apartment building during the 1930s. It eventually was abandoned and fell into disrepair about to be condemned and demolished. Then In 1991, the Rogers County Historical Society purchased the Belvidere Mansion and completely restored it.


It's now listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is considered to be an Oklahoma landmark and historic place, which it is. Today it serves as a venue and eatery, a popular place to meet and mingle. It's home to The Pink House restaurant and you can rent areas of the mansion for special events, weddings, meetings, tea time, and parties. They also have a gift shop and you can do a self-guided tour as well.

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So what makes this place scary and what are the stories that are being told? Paranormal investigators have reported seeing apparitions and shadow figures in the mansion. Hearing strange noises, and experiencing cold spots throughout the home. Most of the activity that's reported is located on the second floor of the mansion. Some have said they've seen the ghost of John M. Bayless roaming the halls and rooms.

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Mediums and psychics have reported seeing and hearing the ghosts of children in one of the rooms on the second floor and the spirit of a woman who allegedly committed suicide in the mansion back when it was an apartment building. Even guests have said they've felt the presence of something or someone while inside like they were touched by an unseen force. They've also reported hearing banging on the windows, and doors, hearing footsteps, whispers, moaning, laughter, and toilets flushing all by themselves. So is it haunted?

Watch paranormal investigators as they look for evidence at the Belvidere Mansion

Haunted or not it looks like an incredible place to visit and the restaurant there sounds amazing. You can visit their official Facebook page to get all the details on the mansion, get the days and hours of operation, plus get an idea of what they offer in the way of services and amenities. The entire town of Claremore, OK. has a lot of history and places worth checking out and with it being on Route 66 it's certainly a drive worth taking, ghost or no ghosts.


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