Blink-182 have just released a collaboration with musician and living meme Oliver Tree. Blink put their own spin on Tree’s “Let Me Down,” from the bowl-cut crooner’s debut album, Ugly Is Beautiful.

“Let Me Down” is one of Tree’s biggest songs, aided by a bare bones music video where he wears giant headphones, cradles a baby doll and chases an elusive mic around the recording studio. The simple and melodic nature of “Let Me Down” was just begging for a pop-punk cover, so Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker answered the call.

Oliver Tree called Blink his “childhood heroes” in a social media post, sharing the artwork of Hoppus and Barker playing in Tree’s head:

The final product is a mashup of the original track with Hoppus and Barker added in, giving a collaborative feel to the “Let Me Down” remix.

"Thank you to all who have supported and listened to Ugly is Beautiful. I spent 5 years making this album and I made it for you,” Tree wrote in another post. "Vinyls are restocked so get one if you can and listen from front to back and all the way through! I love you all.”

Listen to Blink-182 take on the Oliver Tree hit in the clip below.

Oliver Tree - Let Me Down (feat. blink-182) [Lyric Video]

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